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Improved operational efficiency

The modern day approach to data collection, retrieval and reporting provides information that is accurate and timely. This systems and information is now available to assist in the operations of your organization. As experienced for years by major corporations, this computerized and automated approach provides greater efficiency of operations.

Reduced administrative workload

The ease of data entry, the automation of previous manual systems and the speed of reporting information greatly reduces the administrative workload previously required.

Better management decisions

With accurate data and operational reports, management can now make clearer and more accurate decisions, which in turn will improve the performance of your organization. All essential information is captured – both active and static – and reports provide information on activity, members and trends.

Improved overall communications

With ESS subsystems maintaining a call entry system, a personnel scheduling system, a member management system, and reporting systems for all components, communication among members and between management and members is greatly facilitated, especially when considering the variety of personnel shifts required.

Funding justification

The data collection and reporting supplied by ESS will provide the factual and historical data required to support requests for additional personnel and funding required to maintain the high efficiency of your organization.

Elimination of scheduling errors

ESS provides fully automated personnel scheduling system. This system can ensure the proper scheduling of certified personnel and accurately handle schedule changes and modifications, thereby eliminating the common errors made with a manual system.

Standardization and organization

Our software offers the same advantages that computerization brings to corporations and our homes. It provides data entry screens, table formats and reports that can provide a standardization to assist within your own operations as well as with interactions with other organizations.

Ensures staff is qualified and certified

Member information regarding qualifications and certifications is accurately maintained in the ESS database. The Continuing Education (CE) subsystem tracks all completed courses and updates active certifications accordingly. This information is easily retrievable and reportable.

Centralized Member information

ESS provides the ability to centralize and properly maintain all information regarding its members. This includes personal information, certifications, equipment, activity history, CE classes, retirement credits and more. This information is easily accessible through various ESS screens and reports.

HIPAA Compliance

ESS provides the ability to restrict access to the database through the use of multi-level security authorization. You can set security for individual users at various levels, ranging from full access to minimal access. For example, the highest level authorization will permit a user to have full access to the database; an intermediate level authorization will enable a user to view and update Human Resources information; while the minimal authorization level will only permit a user to enter data for ambulance runs. This feature of ESS provides you with the capability to set up your system in a manner that ensures compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Positioned for the future

ESS is designed in a modular and expandable fashion, and has already prepared for anticipated future needs such as LOSAP record keeping and Vehicle Maintenance subsystems

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